Exploring Penile Injection Therapy: Understanding Its Efficacy and Safety

At Virtua Center for Surgery , we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive care for those dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED). Our distinguished experts, led by our esteemed Brian Steixner, are dedicated to offering a full spectrum of treatment options, including a less talked-about yet effective method penile injection therapy that can be a suitable option for many patients nationwide. If you've been struggling with ED and are looking for a reliable and supportive treatment plan, Virtua Center for Surgeryis here for you. Reach out to us at any time at (856) 341-8262 to get your questions answered or to schedule an appointment.

Penile injection therapy might sound daunting, but it's a treatment with a high rate of success. It involves the injection of medication directly into the penis, which helps in achieving a firm erection. Don't worry, our team will guide you every step of the way to ensure your comfort and understanding.

This therapy uses FDA-approved medications that you can administer yourself. These medications relax the smooth muscle in the corpora cavernosa two cylindrical tissues inside the penis enabling blood to flow in and causing an erection.

Our care team educates patients on how to handle and administer the injections safely at home. With the right guidance, this process can become a straightforward part of your routine.

Many factors determine whether or not penile injection therapy is the best option. During your appointment, our specialists will conduct a thorough examination and discuss your medical history. Some considerations include:

- Your overall health

- Current medications

- Severity of your erectile dysfunction

- Your comfort and preferences regarding treatment methods

We'll provide a detailed demonstration on the procedure and offer professional advice on how to self-inject with confidence. We truly understand that the thought of injecting medication into the penis could be intimidating, but our patients frequently report that it's much easier and less painful than they anticipated.

We'll go over all the tiny details to ensure you feel secure and empowered managing your treatment.

When considering penile injection therapy, many patients ask about success rates. It's a highly effective treatment option for many men. Benefits include:

- Quick onset of action

- Long-lasting erections

- High effectiveness regardless of the cause of ED

The drugs typically used in penile injection therapy are designed to mimic natural body processes and create erections that feel and act as naturally as possible. These medications include alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine, with alprostadil being the most commonly prescribed. Our specialists at Virtua Center for Surgery provide detailed information on each medication, their potential side effects, and how they work in the body.

We ensure you feel fully informed, knowing that knowledge is power especially when it comes to your health and sexual wellness. For additional details on these medications, or if you have concerns about interactions with other drugs you are taking, give us a call at (856) 341-8262.

Alprostadil is akin to a hormone-like substance that the body naturally produces and has a significant effect on blood flow, making it a cornerstone of penile injection therapy.

It not only aids in achieving an erection but also does so in a manner that is natural to your body's usual function.

Sometimes, a single medication might not be as effective as a combination. In such scenarios, we may recommend a mix of drugs to enhance efficacy. This combination therapy can be tailored to your specific needs and is adjusted for optimal results.

By collaborating closely with our patients, we identify the right balance to manage ED effectively.

Although side effects are generally mild, it is important to be aware. Our team discusses potential side effects such as pain, bruising, or priapism (prolonged erections) and how to manage them.

Any concerns about side effects can be addressed with our medical professionals at Virtua Center for Surgery.

These medications work by widening blood vessels to improve blood flow. They're often used in combination with alprostadil to maximize the effectiveness of the therapy.

The inclusion of these medications is based on your specific circumstances, ensuring a personalized treatment plan.

At Virtua Center for Surgery , we understand that the thought of self-injecting can be worrisome. This is why we provide a comprehensive tutorial to every patient, ensuring that you are comfortable with the injection technique. Furthermore, aftercare is an essential part of the process, and our team is committed to supporting you after your treatment.

We encourage patients to reach out to us with any post-procedure questions or concerns. With Virtua Center for Surgery, you're never alone in your journey towards better health and wellness.

Our caring professionals deliver clear instructions and hands-on demonstrations. We even provide practice sessions with saline solution until every patient is sure of their ability to administer the injection safely and accurately.

Comfort and meticulous care are paramount to ensure effective treatment.

Understanding what to expect after the injection is key. An erection typically occurs within 5 to 20 minutes and should be similar to a natural one in both sensation and duration.

We guide patients on when to seek medical attention should the erection last longer than recommended.

Regular follow-up appointments are a crucial aspect of tracking your progress with penile injection therapy. Our team keeps a careful eye on how the treatment is working and makes any necessary adjustments.

Patient satisfaction and safety are of utmost importance to us at Virtua Center for Surgery .

Our dedicated staff is here to provide continuous support. Should any issues arise or if there are any indicators of side effects, assistance is just a phone call away.

We make it a point to be easily reachable for our patients" peace of mind.